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weigh filler

weigh filler

Most of the industrial set ups give us very high demands for our weigh filler as it is very much able to fill powder with very high precision. Our competitors feel it very much difficult to provide the customers with high quality net weight filler as we do. We have been able to set trends as weight filling machine manufacturer and supplier in India.

Sealing Type 3 side / 4 side sealing, center Sealing
Speed :
L-Pac 20-80 pouches per minute
QUICK-Pac 30-80 pouches per minute
SURE-Pac 15-20 pouches per minute
Optional Attachments Batch Coding device (Print or embossed)
Gas flushing attachment
Take off Conveyors
Adjustable disc
Packing Size Film Length - 40-150/200 MM
Film Width - 40-250/300/310 MM
Packing Material All types of heat sealable laminates
Packing Material
L-Pac 3-10 ML
10-40 ML
40-80 ML
80-120 ML
120-160 ML
160-200 ML
QUICK-Pac 1-10 gms
10-30 gms
30-50 gms
50-100 gms
SURE-Pac 1-10 gms
30-50 gms
50-100 gms
100-200 gms
200-500 gms
Applications : Packing of Popcorn, Meat, Candy, Machine Parts, Chemicals, Screws & many more.