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Induction Sealing Machine

Handy Induction Sealing Machine Hi -Speed Induction Sealing Machine

Our induction sealing machine is very much competent to seal the containers as such that there will be no chances of leakages. Our induction cap sealing machine saves too much power and high speed of packing thus they are highly demanded in many industrial set ups to save money and time. Our handy induction sealing machine is capable to 50 bottles with sealing diameter of 30-130 mm per minute. With our good market relations we are a leading supplier of induction sealing machine.

Specification of Product

Parameters Handy Induction Sealing Machine Hi-Speed Induction Sealing Machine (Table Top Model) Hi Speed Induction Sealing Machine (SS Model with Stand)
Sealing Diameter (in mm) 20-100 20-50 30-130
Height ( in mm) No limit 20-228 (Adjustable) 20-305 (Adjustable)
Speed For 35mm it is 1.5 sec/seal 30 bottles / min 50 bottles / min