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Continuous Band Sealers

Most of the leading industrial organizations give high demands for our continuous band sealer as they are a synonym to the excellence and high reliability. Our continuous horizontal band sealer is very much effective in sealing bags at a high rate. Till now we have done a remarkable job as vertical band sealer manufacturer in India and have become famous in very short period of time.

  • Band Sealers are suitable for individual bag packing.
  • Band Sealers are given with electronic constant temperature control system & Speed Adjustment knob.
  • They can seal plastic films of various materials.


Temp Range 0-300deg Celcius Single Conveyor Loading < 1Kg
Voltage AC 220V , 50 Hz Overall Conveyor Loading < 3Kg
Power 500 W Sealing Height From Conveyor < 150-270mm
Sealing Speed 0-12 MT/MIN Dimension (LxWxH) 800x380x550
Sealing Width 8,10 mm Weight 35 Kg

Horizontal Band Sealer
We offer one of the best horizontal band sealers which are of high exclusive quality. We also have continuous horizontal band sealer and portable horizontal band sealer of premium quality. Because of our high standards we have also gained the position of a recommended portable horizontal band sealer supplier in India.


Vertical Band Sealer
These vertical band sealers are suitable for individual bag packaging and adopt electronic constant temperature control systems and stepIess speed adjusting transmission mechanism. Our highly exclusive continuous vertical band sealer can seal plastic films of various materials. We are also well known as a portable vertical band sealer