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Carton Sealing Machine

 Carton Sealing Machine

We offer automatic carton sealing machine used for simultaneous application of B.O.P.P. tape on top and bottom of the carton. Independent 2 motors for ensuring smooth operation for extra light and heavy cartons. Our random carton sealing machine is a special model with automatic height and width adjustment system to accommodate different carton sizes. Useful machine for production lines having random box sizes. One can also avail auto folding carton sealing machine and are one of the suppliers of it as well.


    1)Semi-Automatic Carton Sealing Machine is used for application of BOPP tape on top & bottom of the carton simultaneously.
    2)Two independent motor drives ensure smooth operation.

Drive 2 x 90W gear motor, 50Hz
Tape Width 2 inch, 3 inch
Sealing Speed 3 sec / box
Case Range (in mm) L-150 to 500, W-180 to 500, H-100 to 500
Machine Size 1250 (L) x 650 (W) x 1040 - 1380 (H)