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Auger Filling Machine

Auger Filling Machine

We supply the best Auger Filling Machine which is available nowhere else. We also offer automatic auger filling machine which is highly exclusive and is highly demanded by all. Our range also encompasses of powder auger filling machine and we are a well known powder auger filling machine manufacturer.

Model :

Model No. Weighing Range (in gms) Accuracy (+/- gms) Speed (fills /min)
RA-512 50-500 0.5 ?? 2 5-8
RA-2512 200-2000 2 - 4 4 - 6
RA-1012 500-5000 3 ?? 5 2 - 4
    1) User Friendly : The Machine is highly user friendly , the changeovers can be made with ease & the machine is given with a interactive message on screen.
    2) Low maintenance machine.
    3) Highly efficient in terms of high output requirement.
    4) Load Cell is used as weight sensing transducer.

Applications: To pack all non-free flowing powders Example:
    a) Pesticides
    b) Milk Powder
    c) Turmeric Powder
    d) Wheat
    e) Spices